Guided vs Self-guided Tours – Which is Right for You?

It is always very exciting to embark on tours, whether guided tours or self-guided tours. Some people feel that self-guided tours are more adventurous since they get to explore the destination of their choice without guides. On the other hand, guided tours can be a better option for other people for some reasons.

Guided tours are usually tours where you are accompanied by a guide to take you through the whole process and furnish you with details of the places that you are visiting. Here are some reasons why people feel that guided tours are a better choice.

The first reason why people prefer guided tours is that they are organized. If you don’t want to waste a lot of time on random tours with no particular destination, then guided tours are for you.

There will be no going back and forth to exhaust everything that the tourist destination has to offer because the tours are planned and organized when moving from one attraction site to another.

Guided tours get you to the right place at the right time and save you a lot of time. Also in guided tours, you do not have to bother yourself about transportation because the tour packages come complete with transportation.

If it is your first time visiting a tourist attraction site, then safety should be the least of your concern as you will be provided with enough security and safety information to keep you from trouble.

With guided tour packages, you will not only feel comfortable and not have to worry about the local language. Also, you will feel safer because you are not likely to miss your route or find yourself in areas that you are not supposed to go. With guided tours, you will also have guides who will be ground to ensure your safety and comfort since they are familiar with all the areas, whether you are taking day or night tours.

Another reason why you should consider guided tours instead of self-guided tours is that they are informative. When on guided tours, the guides will always have the inside information about all areas that you get to visit. You will get to hear stories and legends behind landmarks and monuments and other attractions while adding more depth to the tour experience.

The fact is that most of the attraction sites you’ll get to visit have fascinating tales behind them which may be difficult for you to know when on self-guided tours. The guides will also allow you to see some of the hidden beauties of the city you’re touring. They know almost every area very well, and they will take you around everywhere and show you spots you would never think existed if you were touring alone.

A knowledgeable local guide makes your tour worthwhile by drawing your attention to all the information about the different locations. However, whichever your choice; whether you prefer self-guided tours to guided tours, make sure you have a memorable experience.