10 Easy Travel Jobs You Can Do to Earn from Anywhere in the World

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In this blog post, I’m going to show you 10 jobs that anyone can do to make money from anywhere. In the end, I’m going to give you a bonus idea.

When a lot of people think about travel jobs, the first thing that comes to mind is a software developer or super tech gee. That requires a lot of specialized skills.

However, there are a lot of things that anyone can do to make money while traveling. In this blog post, I’m going to go over 10.

  1. House Sitter

This is a job that you normally wouldn’t think of as your typical job but it’s pretty awesome. This job not only allows you to stay for free while you’re traveling but also allows you to work on something else. This job doesn’t pay you in the usual way, but it’s suitable for people who want to travel around the world for free.

As a house sitter, you can travel around the world residing in people’s houses free of charge while you help them take care of their pets or house when they’re not around. The best part is, not only do you have a free place to stay, but you also have a great environment to choose any of the other jobs on this list and make money while you’re there.

The only downside about house sitting is it’s a little bit competitive to get started. Your first house sit is usually the hardest. You sign up for a house sitting platform the most popular is called trusted house sitters. Then you make a profile adding things that make you look trustworthy and then start applying for jobs. It’s that easy!

House sitting works best when you’re traveling through expensive countries like America, Australia, etc. because you save a lot of money on accommodation costs.

Also, in third-world countries like Southeast Asia, and Central and South America, there are way lesser opportunities but it’s still worth checking out.

  1. Freelance Writing

You might think you may need to be some kind of expert to earn money writing, but that’s not true. As long as you’re a decent writer and you can put some logical thoughts together and you’re eager to practice pretty much, anyone can make money this way.

There are two main paths to take as a freelance writer you can do one or the other or mix them both.

  1. Content writing: the first type is called content writing and that’s writing things like blog posts and articles for different companies online. This is the easier of the two paths to get started with and if you find the right clients you can get paid pretty well.
  2. Copywriting: the second type of freelance writing is called copywriting. That’s writing sales materials like sales letters, emails, and landing pages that sell things. It’s just anything that’s written to make a reader take an action. This type of writing is more directly connected to sales.


It’s easier to charge higher prices as a copywriter because if you’re making the company more sales, they’re making more money. So they’re happy to pay for it. Copywriting involves a lot more persuasion and psychology.

  1. Social Media Manager

If you’re going to spend all day scrolling through Instagram, you might as well get paid. A social media manager is responsible for the social media accounts of different companies.

You have to grow their accounts, answer comments, interact with followers, make graphics, etc. In most cases, the more specialized your skills, the more you can get paid to get a job as a social media manager. You have to prove that you know what you’re doing.

The best way to do that is just to grow your social media accounts. There’s tons of free information out there online on how to do that. Just make sure you’re following current information because social media stuff changes really fast.

  1. Virtual Assistant

The fourth travel job that anyone can do is to work as a virtual assistant. Basically, this means you taking care of all the admin tasks that your client wants to outsource.

There are different levels of virtual assistants. If you don’t have any experience, you can probably start at a more basic level as long as you know how to research things online, fill in spreadsheets, make phone calls, etc.

If you want to get paid, even more, it would be a good idea to try to specialize in some skills that are more valuable like learning how to manage and grow Pinterest accounts, do SEO keyword research, and do pay-per-click. If you become an expert in any of those areas, you’ll be able to charge way more.

  1. Remote Worker

This may sound super obvious but it’s something that some people just don’t think about. You don’t need to learn any new skills if you’re just doing the same job that you do now but remotely.

Since the time of Coronavirus, a lot of companies are realizing that most jobs can be done at home. If they can be done at home, they can probably be done traveling as well.

If your boss feels a little bit nervous about the idea, you could do a trial run first. You could ask if you could work from home just one day per week. Then show that you’re way more productive and valuable to him when you’re working at home.

After that, convincing him to let you go remote full time shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Offer Services on Fiverr

You won’t believe some of the ways that people are making money on Fiverr. For example, someone has a gig (service on Fiverr) to create original memes for your social media. Another seller is offering to teach you to telepathically communicate with your pets.

If these people are making money, you can make money too. Your best bet is to choose a service that you know a lot of companies need. You can do this by just browsing through Fiverr and looking at what the most popular jobs are. Then create a high-quality listing and just start building up your reputation.

Now, you’re probably not going to get rich on Fiverr, but it’s a really good way to start. You can always build your portfolio on Fiverr and then go off on your own and find your clients and charge more.

Also, keep in mind that depending on what countries you’re traveling in, you may not even need to make a lot of money. These countries are great places to get started.

  1. Volunteering

Volunteering is an awesome way to get off the beaten path and connect with the local culture. You can get unique and memorable experiences that normal tourists cannot get. A great way of volunteering is called WWOOFing. WWOOF stands for Worldwide Opportunities On Organic Farms. It’s super popular in Australia but you can find it in other parts of the world as well.

Basically, you go and help out on a farm and you get free food and accommodation. A lot of times, this is just a couple of hours a day. So you still have plenty of time to explore the area.

Another great site to find volunteer opportunities is called Work Away. There are tons of different cool options on the site. Sometimes, it’s farming. Other times, it’s taking care of a bed and breakfast up in the mountains somewhere. Sometimes, it’s just living with a family and speaking English with the kids for a couple of hours a day.

There’s lots of cool stuff, feel free to browse through the website.

  1. English Language Teacher

One of the most popular ways to earn money as a traveler is by teaching English. You can teach English while you’re traveling. So as long as you have an internet connection you can be earning or you can teach English in person in a specific country and usually, stay there for a few months minimum.

Some of the most popular places to teach English are China and South Korea because they pay well and a lot of times they’ll even pay for your apartment. So it’s a really great opportunity to save money quickly.

Now it is possible to find some jobs teaching English that don’t require a degree or don’t require any certification or anything. However, those jobs are few and far by the way and usually, they aren’t the best jobs.

In most cases, you’ll need a TOEFL certification which stands for Test Of English as a Foreign Language and sometimes they’ll also require a university degree. A TOEFL certification will not only make it easier to get a job but I think it’ll also make the teaching experience better because you actually know what you’re doing. reworded

Knowing how to speak English is a lot different from teaching English. There are a ton of TOEFL courses online but you have to be careful because some of these courses aren’t the best quality and some of them are even a little bit dodgy.

  1. Teach Your Skills

The next job on my list is to teach the skills you already have. You don’t need to learn different new things to make money while you’re traveling. You can just stick with what you already know.

You can teach your skills online or in person but all you have to do is think of the things that you already know how to do that other people want to learn and they’d be willing to pay for it.

You could give language lessons or cooking lessons. You could be a personal trainer for someone or teach them how to dance. You could teach them art or photography.

  1. Au Pair

An Au Pair is basically a live-in babysitter. Normally, you’ll travel to a different country, live with a family, and take care of their kids. Maybe do some chores around the house and they’ll give you free accommodation, food, and sometimes even a small stipend.

This is great for people who want to travel around the world or immerse themselves in different cultures, but don’t have very much money. It’s also a perfect way to learn a new language.

The easiest way to get an hourly paid job is to go through an Au Pair agency which you can look up online.


Now for the bonus tip to make money while traveling and that is to rent out your stuff. You honestly can rent out anything. If you have a house, an apartment, or even just a room, you can rent it out while you’re traveling.

If you don’t have a house or you’re not comfortable renting out your space, you have other options as well. You can rent out your storage space or backyard for people to camp.

You can rent out your driveway for places for people to park, your car, your clothes, or any type of tools that somebody else might need to use but doesn’t want to buy.

There you have, 10 travel jobs anyone can do> I hope you can find at least one that you can do.